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iOffers is an online platform plays the role of an intermediate between service providers who are promoting specific products, services, or offers and the users who are seeking discounted prices for certain items. The idea of the business originated from the fact that the current market tools used for offers promotion are not rewarding enough for the sellers in the sense of not reaching out to the large market segment, and the targeted segments always find it challenging to find offers and promotions on certain products.

Achievement Highlights

- First place, South level in QRCE

- invited by startup Turkey to participate in the Startup Competition in Istanbul

- Since the launch 3 months ago, we have about 5,000 downloads of the application , and more than 13,000 followers , and more than 1000 coupons were sold in Aqaba only

Why are you raising Funds?

- To going to growing stage

- to cover the Operational cost

- Expansion

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