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Disrupting the agricultural value chain through our indoor high-tech vertical farming systems.


vvest has developed its own high-tech indoor vertical farming systems, which is a able to produce 10x times more than current farming methods (up to 100 plants per meter square). Not only that our systems are cost efficient and easy to operate; but it also produces leafy greens of high quality, all-year-long, pesticides free in fully controlled environments right inside the cities! To accelerate our growth we have plans to launch future equity crowdfunding campaigns to fund our agricultural projects. Ivvest is currently registered as an L.L.C, has a vocational license from Jordan Investment Commission and we are currently part of Central Bank of Jordan's FinTech Sandbox.

Achievement Highlights

Built and installed our final MVP of indoor farm

Raised a grant of 20,000 Euros from JoinUp (EU)

2nd Prize, Agriculture Projects,

2nd National Entrepreneurship Forum, Ministry of Youth (2,000 JODs)

How much are your 

80000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

Farming systems manufacturing

Indoor farms rental and preparation




ICT and digitization Other B2B services

Greentech - energy - environment

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