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Sawwah is an online booking platform that connects travelers with local touristic service providers

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Sawwah connect travelers to a database of tours, activities and authentic experiences through a smooth, reliable process utilizing a state of the art platform. Sawwah highlights genuine experiences that promote the culture and heritage of remote areas, in MENA region we have hundreds of genuine and ecotourism experiences, however, the vast majority of these experiences are still off the market grid, due to the lack of marketing and self- promoting skills of the locals who run them. Therefore, Sawwah was founded to help locals exposing their businesses and link those experiences with the thousands of Eco-tourists who ar/e in the pursuit of authentic tourism that caters for a noble goal of helping nature and people.
is our services to service providers which includes, content development, capacity building and mentorship. Our team conducts evaluation visits and identify and communicates local communities development needs as well as working with them in order to develop their businesses.

Achievement Highlights

Winning Best Startup Zain initiative program 2019

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500000 $

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 - Grow the team
- Marketing
- Expand in the other Markets 


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