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ION Microsystems

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ION Microsystems

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The first smart cloud EV charging network in MENA region

Venture Stage



ION Platform: chargers, Mobile App with interactive map and payment system. ION is the first EV charging network in the region to offer smart service to EV owners to make it easier for them to charge their EV. ION developed a cloud device that also allows chargers owners to become part of ION platform and start generating revenue in a shared-revenue model, this allows ION to scale fast local, regional, and global. we have achieved MVP by selling 10 devices in one month, this increased ION revenue and locations 150%. We are looking to sell these devices and service more and soon

Achievement Highlights

10K Users

3K charging session

16K social media followers

Huge social impact

How much are your 

200000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

To scale sales and acquire Jordan's market within a year and launch regionally


ICT and digitization

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