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An online marketplace that connects farmers to businesses directly in Jordan.


We provide three main services including an e-commerce platform, a logistics system, and a payment gateway. Our aim is to optimize the agricultural supply chain in Jordan by promoting transparency and fair-trade terms to all parties. We were Incubated from Dec 2017 till Dec 2018 in Shamal start where we validate the business between Ghoorcom and Irbid. Then, we expanded our operation to move gradually to the entire Jordan. - Signed an MOU with a number Intaj and other reputable association - Offered our products in different incubation. - Conducted training sessions of our team in these incubators. - Utilised media such as being interviewed in University of Jordan’s Radio Attended nearly all events, workshops, and training related to entrepreneurship in ZINC, BIG ORANGE and the Tank, TTI, KAFD, KHBP, Intaj, Beyond Capital, Jopack, CEWAS, Spark, and Injaz.

Achievement Highlights

Awarded 2nd prize in World Government Summit (Arab youth center), Awarded a prize by Amman chamber of commerce. Utilized our incubation services in Dar Riyadh – Amman Chamber of Commerce such as office, meetings, workshops, communicating with other public or private institutions.

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150000 $

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