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One Liner

A platform that connects travelers with unused luggage space with people who wants to send items.

Venture Stage



Goodbye packaging and weight fees, and hello friendly strangers! Introducing the UBER of the shipping industry!

A Crowdshipping platform that transports small and medium sized parcels within travelers' unused luggage space, We connect a fellow traveler with a sender who wants to send an item to the same traveling destination!
Travelers will reduce their traveling by at lest 30% while reducing up to 70% of the usual shipping cost for customers.

Our prices depend on the weight , type of shipment and destination.
We’re commission based, 40% of the total payment for us and 60% to the traveler.

We have direct and indirect competitors and Amtea was able to achieve a better competitive advantage of them all !

Given the current pandemic , Amtea has managed 22 shipments successfully along different destinations with more than 500 orders on demand !

And with only 3 months, we’ve gotten a revenue of more than 900 USD

Achievement Highlights

Hult Prize global finalists 2020.
1st Place Winners of the WASH UNICEF Program at JUST with Impact MENA.
1st Place Winner of the TAKE OFF Coemption which was organized by the IEEE.
5th Place out of 511 in the National Forum for Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators 2020

How much are your 

20000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

 To build our application and for a digital and unground marketing budget. 


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