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Global Virtual Market place for facilitating fresh produce cross border trading.

Venture Stage



EFRESCO has communicated with more than 3000 importer and exporter to scan the market of fresh produce , F&V. The market of fresh produce at global level have one major problem , which is the absence of trust in cross border transactions. The problem is that exporters send their products and they do not secure their money and vice versa importers send their money and their requested products are not matching the purchase order.

EFRESCO will build a block chain portal to facilitate , trust , and transparent secure cross border transactions. This will be fulfilled through connecting shipping companies, inspection companies, importer and exporter in one focal point in EFRESCO platform.

Achievement Highlights

eFRESCO Multi-Vendor Virtual Market Place ( B2B and B2C) : This component Link exporters and importers of fruits and vegetables market at global . We have more than 3000 importers and exporters in free membership status. We are almost finished from this part.

How much are your 

100000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

 blockchain solution to provide fintech services to increase trust in fresh produce trading. 


Fintech and financial services Other B2B services
Other B2C services

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