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We provide electronic development tools that transform the black box of tech into coherent pieces.


We develop, design, manufacture, and sell electronic development kits to the educational markets, students, developers, and Makers in the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and South Korea. Our product is simply a single board computer board that is designed to be easily learned, applied, and integrated by non-specialized individuals. Being in the market for two years, our market approach has been researching the Market's practices, and provide products that can fill the gap in certain niches, providing the specialized tools that can create a productive and sustainable learning process and practices, unlike our competitor's approach, of mass general-purpose products. MellBell Electronics has launched two products so far, learning so much in launching strategies, as well as crowdfunding, and is planning to expand its product portfolio into 8 products, and target the East Asian emerging markets.

Achievement Highlights

2018:Launching into the US and Europe market, generating 45K USD in sales.

2019: generating 55K USD in sales, 22 distributors and resellers of which 3 are in Japan and South Korea. In 2020, adjusting our marke

How much are your 

200000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

To expand the product portfolio and get us into the East Asian market.


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