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Organization Name


One Liner

we are a Jordanian startup in Medical devices manufacturing,with functional prototype ventilator.

Venture Stage



We get to a level with our innovative product as a fully functional prototype, that needs to be properly tested and certified for medical use.
Our ambitious strategy is to gain the necessary funds to finish the product, tested, certified, plus register all the IP on this modern device, and make ready for manufacturing. Entering into a unique partnership with preserving intellectual property or requiring a percentage of the potential sale of the product.

meanwhile, our team is currently working on 3 more medical devices that can be locally produced for the local and international markets.

Achievement Highlights

We took an innovative idea to a fully functional prototype. All design, programming, and manufacturing will take place under one roof. We developed under our specific product a couple of key factors that will support us to get a share in this market. One of these key factors is the price.

How much are your 

200000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

Setting up the assembly line and acquiring European ISO & CE Medical certification



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