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One Liner

Innovative technologies for logistics and e-commerce market place.

Venture Stage



Blink exists for the need to enrich businesses with outsourcing solutions that lowers its costs of logistics while reaching our consumers. Yet creating thousands of task-based opportunities with the within the GIG economy solutions that leads to empower communities with the needed tools to make their life easier.

Blink have 3 interconnected mobile applications that creates a powerful market place of a full supply chain, this market place aims to create job opportunities for locals, increase marketing local products, yet savings for consumers by different purchasing orders through our AI based solution that presents menus that those end users are looking for

Achievement Highlights

1. +1 Million orders delivered in Amman.
2. +1500 GIG workers benefited from our services.
3. +5000 CSR deliveries during COVID-19 pandemic in between April-June 2020, by supporting the Jordanian ministry of health, and in collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission TRC.

How much are your 

1500000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

 Upgrade our technologies
Launch our customer-based solution in Jordan & Egypt 


Creative industries
ICT and digitization Logistics
Other B2B services
Other B2C services

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